A proper innovation planning significantly increases the chances of selecting the right innovation opportunities and of being able to successfully launch true innovations into the marketplace. The basis for future innovation is a proper awareness of the overall context, which can be achieved via innovation intelligence activities. Based on the resulting insights, an explicit innovation strategy should be formulated. Finally, the creation of an innovation roadmap ensures that the strategy is consciously translated into realistic innovation activities to which the entire organization is fully committed.


Innovation intelligence represents the analysis of the specific context in which innovation takes place. In order to innovate, companies need to know what is going on around them – and what can be expected to happen in the future. They need to be fully aware of where they truly stand and how this may evolve over time.

Working with your existing team(s), I can help your organization to systematically collect the knowledge that it already has and to fill in any gaps. Typical analysis subjects are the competitive situation in your current and future markets, relevant technology developments as well as trends in (e.g.) society, industry and regulations.


A sound innovation strategy is the foundation of an innovative company. It helps to unite the company behind its innovation ambitions and it facilitates an optimally focused usage of innovation resources. It needs to have the explicit support of Executive Management and it needs to be regularly updated based on the most recent developments.

For your organization, I can facilitate the process towards identifying and documenting a suitable Innovation Strategy. While the strategy itself always needs to be owned by your organization and your team(s), I can provide an additional perspective and be a challenging voice during the discussions. This helps to sharpen and solidify your strategy.


Innovation roadmapping is the process of translating an Innovation Strategy into a specific set of activities in the specific context of your organization. An innovation roadmap contains the planning of innovation activities over time and should also document the expected resource allocations.

I can assist your organization in establishing and maintaining an innovation roadmap. With my support, your innovation roadmap will be specific as well as realistic. I can also provide help with setting up an innovation roadmapping process with which your organization is able to embed innovation into its annual business cycle.