Some organizations are more innovative than others – they have a higher innovation potential. Innovation is part of their culture; it has become natural for them. Truly establishing an innovation culture within an organization will significantly increase the likelihood of generating innovation successes.

Team Support

I can support your existing team on its way towards becoming more innovative. By working with your entire team and its individual members, I can help to establish an innovation mindset and raise the awareness with respect to the opportunities as well as the challenges of innovation.


Suitable innovation processes need to be established within any organization that intends to create or maintain an innovation culture.

I can help with the creation and implementation of processes that are truly customized to your specific organization and therefore have the best possible chance to achieve their objective.

Change Management

The journey of an organization towards becoming more innovative often requires changes, sometimes significant ones, at least with respect to processes and attitudes and in some cases also with respect to people. Such change management processes bear their own risks and require attention.

By accompanying your organization during its journey of change, I can make sure that it successfully moves through its transitions and stays effective.