During my career, I have worked in several fields, including those highlighted below.

Home Healthcare / Connected Health

In Home Healthcare, patients are being monitored and cared for in their own homes, rather than in a hospital. This usually involves remote monitoring technology. The term Connected Health refers to the required connectivity technology that links the patient’s home with healthcare professionals.
At Philips Healthcare, I have been responsible for the development of remote healthcare technology. I have also been involved in the definition of the Hospital-to-Home innovation program.

Successful Aging / m-Aging

Successful Aging refers to providing support to seniors to continue to live in their own homes with the best possible quality of life, while managing and controlling any potential medical condition. Often, Mobile Healthcare (m-Health) technology is being applied, leading to the term m-Aging.
At Philips Healthcare’s Business Unit Home Monitoring, I have been responsible for the development of innovative technology for the Philips Lifeline personal emergency response service. One innovation that I accompanied from early research until market introduction is the Lifeline with Auto Alert service, which integrates an automatic fall detection solution into the well-known Lifeline service.

User Interaction

User interaction technology has evolved significantly during the last few decades. What is standard today has been difficult to imagine just a few years ago. Those developments have significant implications on how we all expect to interact with devices and services.
At Philips Research, I have worked on Automatic Speech Recognition as well as on Computer Vision. I am one of the inventors of a technology that facilitates user interaction based on pointing. At Philips Healthcare, I gained experience with the user interaction requirements of a broad set of users, especially including seniors.